Randy Joseph

Although I started out in the arts – my degree is in Theatre Performance from the University of Pittsburgh – I quickly came to understand that I was interested in a little more financial security than Hollywood was apt to provide.

I made a quick turn toward tax – which in a way is the family business. My father was a manager at the IRS and later my husband was a revenue agent. My father was the one that suggested I apply to be a tax auditor and I stayed at the Internal Revenue Service for 4 years. During that time I went back to school and got my accounting/tax credits at UCLA, left the IRS  and began working at Tanner & Mainstain, a CPA firm in the Westwood area of Los Angeles. Many of my successes trace back to what I learned at that firm and from watching the hard work, good solid thinking and kindness to clients that formed the culture there.

After 5 years at Tanner & Mainstain I married Michael Crouch and we moved to the Pacific Northwest and never looked back. We have two daughters, Deva & Julia.  I worked for 2 different CPA firms in the Seattle area and then…….

In 1988 I opened up my own CPA firm. Over 23 years I built that company up to over 800 clients. In 2011 I sold the practice to two younger women and continued to help them in the transition for several years. The plan was to move on- do more art- have more time to do other things. But in 2013 my daughter Deva decided she wanted to learn tax and I opened up Randy Joseph Consulting Certified Public Accountant to do just that.

Other than tax I also like to do the usual things – read fiction and cook and garden. I am a beginner printmaker, too. I like to work with yarn – knitting and crochet and mostly like to spend as much time with my family and friends as possible.


Deva Hetrick

Deva has her B.A in studio art at Colorado College, is an artist, professional poker player, and tax whiz. She joined Randy Joseph Consulting in 2012 and made herself indispensable.